Share your trip with friendliness and friendship

entetecharmethiopiantours.jpgA "single and solo" culture and nature circuit for a small group of up to 16 people. CHARM ETHIOPIAN TOURS is a specialist bespoke agency but we decided satisfying the request made by several travelers who are solo but who like to travel and who wish to share this extraordinary parenthesis in our daily life that is the journey and especially the trip to Ethiopia !

our un petit groupe de 16 per

"To travel without meeting the other is not to travel is to move"

Alexandra David Neel


We set up an air-conditioned minibus circuit,

full board and double room (simple and clean hotel) and

assistance from a French-speaking born.

It's simple you buy :
    - your international flight (preferably with Ethiopian Airlines, a serious company practice preferential rates on domestic flights)
    - your travel insurance
    - your visa,

you join us and we take care of your stay in ETHIOPIA.

Day 1 : France - Addis Abebavol by night


Day 2 : Early morning arrival in Addis Ababa
- Visit of the capital
- Excursion in the hills of Mount Entoto
- Visit the archaeological museum

- Stop in a friendly place to get acquainted and tasting a coffee

- Flight to Bahar Dar


Day 3 : Bahrdar
- Excursion on the Lake Tana visit of the island of Zeghé

- Discovery of the churches Uhra Kidane Mehret and Batra Mariam
- Blue Nile Falls Tour


Day 4 : Bahrdar ---- road --- Gondar
- Visit of the royal castles and baths of Fasilidas
- Moment of relaxation and conviviality

- Discover the wonderful murals of the church of Debré Berhan


Day 5 : Route through one of the most beautiful regions in the world "Simien Park"

- Walking and discovering the famous geladas

Charmethiopian 2

- Night at Debark


Day 6 : Aksum
- We drive through fabulous mountain scenery
- We stop in traditional villages and we arrive at Aksum


Day 7 : Aksum
- Discovery of the great stelae and obelisks as well as the bath of the Queen of Sheba

- Discovery of the necropolis of the Axumite kings
- Discovery of the church Sainte Marie de Sion which would contain the Ark of Alliance

- Night in Aksum


Day 8 : Axum --- flight --- Lalibela
- Its 11 churches classified as World Heritage by Unesco
- Visit of the main churches classified as World Heritage by Unesco:

             Biete Medhani Alam, Biete Maryam, Biete Emmanuel, Bieta Mercurios, Biete Abba, Libanos, ..... Biete Gabriel and finally Biete Ghiorgis
- Exceptional visit for this unique site
- Night in Lalibela


Day 9 : Morning Flight to Addis
- Discovery of crafts and possibility of making your last purchases

- A last moment of conviviality
- Transfer to the airport for your night flight to France


Day 10 : Arrival in France


Thursday 1st February 2018

Thursday 1st March 2018



-  From 890 euros per person

(this price was developed for a group of 16 people, it will be modified otherwise - we to consult)
- Single room supplement: 168 euros