They have made me trust

Ils m'ont fait confiance - They have made me trust

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The opinion of the PETIT FUTE on CHARM ETHIOPIAN Tours

Capture d e cran 2017 01 28 a 15 01 11"Charm Ethiopian Tours helps you build your stay in Ethiopia and guarantees you an optimal safety. This tour operator suggests you establishing your circuit according to your desires, needs and constraints. He builds you an original journey which conjugates the discovery of the culture and the discovery of landscapes of exception."

"After a first trip to Ethiopia Historic Route (Gondar, Axum, Tigray) I am left with CHARM ETHIOPIAN TOURS this year, this time to visit the Danakil hell. 

Mr. Haile is able to anticipate our needs and organize a trip to this region through its historical knowledge of the country, scholarship and the fact that he speaks French, German, English. 

He acquaintance with all the people we met, which makes the contact. 

Moreover, he loves his country and is very friendly. In short, I highly and thank him again for these extraordinary moments recommends. " 


"An engaging guide, passionately in love with his country, he knows very well describe and explain, by sharing his emotions. Always ready to help and say that his patience with these tourists sometimes" impossible to live. "


"Our trip to southern Ethiopia in March 2013 has enabled us to discover an authentic and fabulous country. Meeting the southern tribes was unforgettable with a change of scenery. Our trip in a 4x4 with our guide we leave great memories.  We enjoyed the friendliness and helpfulness of our guide and our team of drivers. I recommend this trip to anyone who wants to discover a little-known country "


"I wanted a few lines to thank you for the wonderful time I spent in your beautiful country of Ethiopia.
By your personal involvement you knew us to discover all facets.
How can we forget Lalibela and its monolithic churches, park Siemen, Lake Tana and its islands, Gondar and its many castles! How to forget hiking in the mountains ... with breathtaking scenery!
Not to mention Aksum and the Queen of Sheba.
But what upset me is the people so endearing
My delight was to "communicate" with people, especially with children, young and old. "

Marie Noëlle

"I discovered the southern Ethiopia in March 2013, discovery of a still authentic country up to everything a curious traveler can expect: a very welcoming people, smiling, spectacular scenery and unforgettable encounters in ethnicity but my guide was there for many; he was able to pass me the love that he has for his country by his kindness and his great knowledge and finally I said I'm going back as soon as possible to visit the North! " 


"We started four friends in Ethiopia and we enjoyed the expertise of Mr. HAILE. He made us know the most beautiful and her energy, good humor and rigor were strengths in the success of our trip. "

Claude, Odile, Thérèse et Dominique

"I go to Ethiopia regularly and each time I contacted this agency, which had been recommended to me and I am always impressed by his sense of relationship efficacy and knowledge in art and history"


"One thank you for this fantastic journey. You became known us your country in a extraordinary way, its culture, its history, its nature, his inhabitants.

It asked me for a dose of certain efforts days (Mariam Korkor) but I am very satisfied to have made him.

Every time, after such a journey, I say to myself that the holidays are too short. In spite of the resumption of the job, I have still very often images of Ethiopia in front of eyes.

I have to begin has to look and to sort out photos (I have it about 2000). I do not know which way to turn.

Still one thank you.

Thank you also to Zac for his patience and the way it leads very professional. 

Jean Marie automne 2016




I am happy that many travelers appreciate the agency CHARM ETHIOPIAN TOURS because it is deserved! Indeed we made a stay discoveries with Mr. HAILE who is the Director and everything went superbly well a balanced program a competitive price and enchantment on the spot a splendid country without worry of security and Mr. HAILE has always been attentive prevenant nice guy he is cultivated and completely francophone he loves nature and enjoys dating so only one address to come to Ethiopia is this very serious local agency and who is on the market for many years now go see his site and have a good trip !

batignolles75 May 4, 2018

Back from travel with a friend with Charm ethiopian tour. North tour with Mr Haile, director of this agency, who knows his country so well and its history. Then the south with our driver Mr Bayu and our young guide Yonas who took great care of us. While Mr Haile called us every day to make sure we were fine. This is a trip we will not forget and that Mr Haile made possible in the best conditions. So we can not my friend and I recommend that agency.

                                                                      The 4th of December 2017 Hélène 10

We made the tour Northern Ethiopia with Charm Ethiopian Tours from 27/07/2017 to 08/08/2017. This 15-day tour started with Bardhar, then Gondar, Siemen Park, Axum, Geralta, Mekele, Lalibella and finally Dessie. We met an extremely competent and friendly team. A very well organized trip, an excellent choice of hotels and restaurants. The days were composed of visits and small easy steps allowing to break the rhythm and the monotony of visits alone. We spent 2 weeks absolutely wonderful. We can only advise this wonderful trip with Haïlé, a French-speaking and English-speaking guide extraordinarily in love with his country who will not only make you discover the beauty of the landscapes and the culture of his country, but also history, fauna and flora which he knows particularly well. Ethiopia, a unique country in Africa to discover, far from the usual clichés conveyed by most of the media. Good trip to all.

                                                                                                         Michel et Valérie  October 2, 2017

We had a wonderful experience with Charm Ethiopian Tour. I recommend your to contact this agency if you are travelling to Ethiopia. The owner, Hailé provided us with high quality service, checking on us all along the trip. Our driver Bayu was both very safe (and this is not systematic in Ethiopia) and very pleasant to travel with. Always taking care, advising and teaching us about Ethiopian culture.
Don't hesitate to contact them before to tell them your way of travelling, they will know how to adapt your trip.

Forum Routard Ethiopie - Desorea1 – July 2017

(Revenues a few months ago from a stay in Ethiopia I also recommend you to go through the local French-speaking agency CHARM ETHIOPIAN TOURS whose director is the very friendly Mr. HAILE)

My grandchildren and I made a superb circuit. I only have to praise its services, which a great listening of these travelers; With two teenagers he had a lot to do to satisfy them! To interest them both in the rich culture of this country and to explain to them the everyday life of the Bravo!

Pauline la douce July 17, 2017

Back after 15 days spent in northern Ethiopia, I can only recommend you to go through the agency run by Mr Haile Charmethiopian tours.

The exchanges with Mr Hailé were very easy, quick. He was able to meet our expectations perfectly to organize our tour.

We traveled with Salomon, a French-speaking guide who shared with us the history, culture and landscapes of his country.

Everything was perfectly organized, from arrival at the airport to hotels that were always controlled by our guide, the minibus we traveled was very comfortable and the driver very careful.

We are very satisfied and hope to return with this agency in this beautiful country very soon

Emilie - January 24, 2017

To go to Ethiopia with my three friends and my son we decided to choose charm ethiopian tours after visiting the different forums dedicated to the trip and the favorable reviews we discovered the north, the origins of the blue nile the remains of the royal city Of gondar the exceptional axum and the extraordinary churches of lalibella that would have been built in a little less than 30 years according to the legend! and finally we went to wolisso and kossay for trekking and horse Mr. HAILE made us a program tailored then accompanied us it is someone who has to heart to transmit his knowledge in a spirit of simplicity he Raphael my teenager thanks to his enthusiasm his sensitivity we feel he holds an intimate and deep knowledge of his country and besides it is a very good organizer (car meal hotel etc) so I also recommend this agency and this fantastic country!​

Isabelle la conquérante - May 01, 2017

We discovered in 15 days in February the historic road thanks to the agency Charm Ethiopian Tours, which proposed us a circuit by being ready to examine all our suggestions. Mr Hailé provided our only couple with a competent, nice and passionate French-speaking guide, knowing how to remain discreet, and a driver who led to us in complete safety in a very comfortable vehicle. During our trip, so much Mr Hailé as our guide Abebe adapted themselves to our wishes and to our rhythm, accepting changes of program and booking us several surprises according to the route. The restoration and the hotel business were always in accordance with our expectations.

The journey cost to us in quite 4400€, without counting the flights internationnaux and internal or the moderate cost of the restoration. All in all, we discovered in complete safety a country fascinating and full of contrasts, where mix the wealth of historic sites, the secular rhythms of the countryside and the economic dynamism of the city-dwellers.

Christine-et-Marc - March 19, 2017

Hello Élodie,

I do not know if you have already buckled your journey in Ethiopia, for my part, we return my companion and I of a stay there from 3 weeks till February. First of all it is a Great destination, Ethiopia is a magnificent country which is really worth seeing We prepared the circuit which we wanted to make and we addressed Fanuailhe Hailé who manages his small local agency CHARMETHIOPIAN. He accompanied us during 3 weeks, he speaks French very well but also Englishman and German as well as several dialects of the various tribes which we met. At no time we did not feel a climate of insecurity but we appreciated to be with a "premises" because certain places need organization and only we would not have can be able to be as closely as possible to All that we made and saw. Ethiopia is very rich culturally, geographically, historically and humanely speaking. He has us needed to make choice we did not certainly see Everything but I found our well balanced circuit.. Since Addis Ababa we left northward seeing Lalibela, Mekele, (for the historic side) then the Danakil, the Dallol (to be lacking on no account) Herta Ale (side landscapes, geology) and then we left southward (side closer to populations) in the valley of Omo and we finished in 4300m in the mount Balé to see the wolves of Abyssinia and other one endemic animals. Here is in a very brief one summarize of a journey of an intensity that I had not often known. For the air flights, we passed by Turkish Airlines because the flight left Marseille what was easier for us and returned much cheaper than Ethiopian by paying then internal flights which they are not not very dear. If you need other information, contact I and if you are in the South we would be kind enough to find people who can bring certain things in our Thus great guide who was more a friend than a guide during this journey ... do not hesitate to make a sign.

Gisoum - Mars 2017


In 2015, we paid 2030€ a person(by nobody) for 2 for 11 days of which 4 days in the Danakil what asks for a big infrastructure. (2 4x4, keep(guard) armed, local guide)

In 2016, we paid 1800€ by person always for 2 for 14 days in the South.

Always all inclusive, French-speaking guide, vehicle with driver, accommodations, meals, visits. Practically nothing to pay on the spot except tips to the compulsory local guides and of course tips in guide and driver. In the South it is necessary to pay the people for photograph.

Do not hesitate to send an e-mail to Haile who will concoct you a custom-made program.

Romarique - March 19, 2017

"If you wish to go in Ethiopia, including in the Danakil, to see Erta Ale and Dallol, get in touch without hesitation with Hailé, the Branch manager Charm Ethiopian Tours in Addis Ababa (é will propose you a circuit corresponding exactly to your expectations and will know how to make discover you his country, his culture, his ethnic groups by being very thoughtful and always in a good mood. We made a circuit of 3 weeks the end of 2016 to discover the volcanic curiosities of this country, by following the rift valley, of Dallol to the North to El Sod in the South via 7 crater lakes in the center of the country, and everything was completed: French-speaking guide who knows how to pass on its passion for its country, vehicle 4x4 in very good state and very comfortable, varied and very clean accommodations, very good organization ... Nothing to add and nevertheless we are demanding customers"


"Of return of a stay of 23 days in Ethiopia, I wish to recommend the services(departments) of Charm Ethiopian Tours. We developed the circuit in total collaboration with Haile, the branch manager who listened to our waits and managed to organize them throughout our stay: history, culture, nature and meeting with the populations were for the program. The whole at a price more than competitive. But the cherry on the cake was to travel together with Haile who shared with us the passion which he dedicates to his country. That of discoveries made during an impromptu stop and during these famous small walks which brought to us to discover birds, human activities, sites which would have escaped us if Haile had not ceaselessly been on watch. As for the measures concerning the state of emergency, one has to recognize that we met no concern to circulate in the country. In conclusion, I would say a little bit easily but in all sincerity that Ethiopia with Haile, you will return to it"

Ecu 007 12/12/2016

"What a magnificent journey!! Thanks to Haile and to Charmethiopiantours!"

Romarique 12/12/2016

"I was lucky enough and the opportunity to go in October to Ethiopia. A journey that I wished for several years an always inaccessible dream. I trusted Hailé of Charm Ethiopian Tour for this adventure. We left in 3 filled with desires and returned the spirit full of souvenirs.

Hailé knew how to answer all our desires during this stay. If you wish to live an adventure in dumping and to feel, to live Ethiopia of the inside then do not hesitate. Made your choice, subject to Hailé and he will know how to accompany you in the country of the contrasts. I still remain the head full of the bubbling of the lava, of vast of Gheralta, and papillae were awakened by Buna of small coffees of villages. Here is an adventure which I shall not forget and which Hailé was able to make possible with quality and in a budget far from those of the European tours."

Jean Seb Flinois 10/12/2016

"Hello Corinne

Sorry I did not answer at once your demand(request) because I was abroad. I can advise(recommend) you the CHARM ETHIOPIAN Tours agency that I knew because my company(society) appealed has his(her,its) services(departments) to make a circuit "incentive" to improve our professional links I had found this local agency very competent serious and dynamic I so much liked this journey that I left this year in Ethiopia but this time this with friends and I again trusted Mister HAILE who concocted us a great program he(it) is always so professional, in the listening, the kind person(the gentile) we feel really in complete safety with him and his(her) team you can make him(her) a demand(request) on its charm ethiopian site tours(towers,ballots) and also on

Good stay in this exceptional and rare country"

Sweet adelaide octobre 2016

"Ethiopia set 15 days and come to discover the North of l everything will please you monuments landscapes and if you leave as us with Mr Haile and his small local agency charm ethiopian tours you go to keep in memory full of good memories, beautiful meetings and as we say value for money there is not nothing has to say and you have competence seriousness and kindness and he speaks impeccable French and ca it is still one more then thank you has they and we are going to return next year and to make with them a high-octane gasoline trek because this year we made essentially the North!"

Audrey Eugenie 15/07/2016

"After exchanging on his site, Mr. Haile of the small local agency CHARM ETHIOPIAN TOURS offered us a program for the north very detailed with the precise cost of the services we are raved about our journey how not to love this people and landscapes ! this beautiful experience was made possible thanks to Mr. Haile was our guide for 15 days is professional in all his actions and good acompagnateur is essential for you to discover the secrets of his country, its culture ( I remember a somewhat tempered by some serious travel guide in Turkey !) So you can rely on him and go to the conquest of these stunning mountains !"

Cylaine75 August 4, 2016


Take 15 days and discover northern everything you like landscapes monuments ethiopia and if you leave as we with Mr. Haile and small local agency charm ethiopian tours (check its website ) you will keep many good memories memory, beautiful meetings and as they say value for money there is nothing to say and you have serious skill and kindness and speaks impeccable French and ca is even more so thank you to them and we will come back next year and do with them as a great trek this year was mainly due north ! "

Bains de fasilidas ​- 2016 july, 19

"I just returned from a stay of 19 days with the agency CHARM TOURS ETHIOPIAN we were 7 We met in Tanzania in a prior trip and we wanted to leave together we sought a local agency and to all the good comments on this agency was contacted and Mr. Haile has not been generous with his time he offered us at least 6 programs and yes when we are many it is not easy to come to an agreement and it happened there!

it was discovered Erta Ale Dallol balé Lalibela axum Geralta simian gondar and harrar and it was a wonder;

the agency was able to dose the trek Nature tours culture and relaxation a balance to please us 7 !!

Mr. Haile and all his staff are very competent fundamentally nice helpful Mr. Haile is an outstanding guide his explanations are clear and complete it is good in all areas history us geography and customs animals etc which is appreciable that is that it n is not locked in its culture he knows the west well and he is fit to have us understand differences in a word, or rather in three words: effective dynamic men PROS!

thank you still have them! Travel successful mission accomplished!

and soon we meet for reflecting a trip to Brazil and then return to Ethiopia this time to the south with Mr. Haile course

ah I forgot: go on his website charm ethiopian towers where there is a contact form or by making him an email on or "

captain claude

"Great local agency in Ethiopia

If you wish to discover the magnificent country where is Ethiopia, appeal without hesitating to the local agency Charm Ethiopian Tour (that you will find with no problem at all on the Internet). Mr Hailé, his director and French-speaking guide, and his team are very professional, welcoming and kind, very obliging. You will travel calmly. You will discover all the beauty of this country: landscapes, culture and history inhabitants. Fascinated by ornithology, it is the agency which you need! Do not hesitate to request him for an estimate. The value for money is really more than correct! I travelled with Mr Hailé in 2015 and I returned enchanted with the circuit which he had proposed us (rift valley, Balé, Awash) and I dream to return to it soon."

Karine 2 February 25, 2016

"Back from a trip of 26 days with Haile, Ethiopian director Sharm we can only confirm the seriousness, competence in a good atmosphere of this agency"

Dominique(s) March 17, 2016

"ETHIOPIAN CHARM TOURS a very dynamic and serious agency

I confirm the words of Karen and Dominique ETHIOPIAN CHARM TOURS is a very serious agency and Mr. Haile is competent and very nice

on references that asks Skype address or phone it's just to check that it is a question of real customers as there are unfortunately practices of competitors ask for programs, prices, hotels etc so you do not worry not everything goes by email and only a few days before arrival if you ask that he gives you his phone so contact him without fear in front of all the good testimonies my two brothers and I have selected Mr. Haile and we that can speak well, always concerned about our comfort always ready to explain his country really feels good thanks to him in this country so different from Europe (as is why you travel!)

we made the north and we were blown away by the Gondar Simien is exceptional and Lalibela real wonder really loved it and Mr. Haile has provided both historical information, architectural as animals and we exchanged with lots of villagers c was great and more all this has brought all so vivid the siblings ethiopia and thank you to Mr. Haile

Annabelle de Mayence April 17 2016


« Expatriate Jeddah wishing to spend a few days in the fridge with my son in a change of scenery and not too far from my base, I opted for a journey of discovery 5 days south of Addis Ababa, this is how I ' looked for an English speaking guide and I found Mr. Haile. Mr. Haile is a young Ethiopian independent professional guide who has ten years of experience in this business. He perfectly knows his country both on the historical aspects as cultural and geographical

Its very good oral proficiency in French allows him to maintain his rich exchanges with Francophone clients. With postgraduate training, he also mastered English (tested) and German.

He is always very helpful and attentive to the needs of its customers Western backpackers

And with very short notice he has me on a tour Addis Ababa / Lakes National Park / Bale National Park that will remain etched in my memory

Indeed beyond the agreed destinations (and worth the trip) he has organized numerous stops and "surprise" detours that have allowed us to take in more direct contact with the Ethiopian locals.

Always very friendly and respectful with customers it is also good advice when souvenir shopping or when it agrees to pay a tip.

Another very important element: it is very careful with the concepts of health and safety that are so critical to a successful holiday: Vehicle very good quality, in good standing with the Ethiopian regulators accommodation and top quality restaurants all for a price ultimately very reasonable considering the quality and flexibility "to measure" of his performance "all inclusive" almost.

His offer seemed to me perfectly in tune with the expectations of French backpackers I would highly recommend it to those who want to make their trip to Ethiopia unforgettable. They will not be disappointed (guaranteed 100%). »


"After a first trip to the Ethiopian historic route ( gondar , Axum, tigray ) I left with Haile ( http: // ) this year, this time to visit hell Danakil

It is able to anticipate our needs and organize a trip to this very hostile region through its historic knowledge of the country scholarship and by the fact that he speaks French, German, English , Amharic , Afar ...

He acquaintance with all the people we met which facilitates contact; Moreover, he loves his country and is very friendly

In short, I highly recommend it and thank him for these extraordinary times. "

Philippe. "Phro "


Following the advice of the previous post and contacts with Haile , we too have used his services ... a time constraint and the fact of traveling with two young children. Haile understood our request from the beginning he organized for us the living room: driver, hotel visits ... no worries . The habits of the country , made it necessary to modify things during the stay but everything stress free for us. It controls the hotels for the best rooms , kitchens to press that one is served at the same time (which is not evident everywhere) short it is too much trouble for her clients.

I confirm that this is also a scholar of his country : history, culture, religion, geology ... and he speaks with great pleasure

We are fully satisfied and really have the feeling of having "understood" the country.

We also recommend this guide. "

Stéphane Leforestier

"I totally agree with the previous speakers Dynamic, kind, educated, honest, responsive and friendly! This is how we can describe Mr. Haile and this year I" relapse "with ETHIOPIAN CHARM TOURS so I leave with HAILE and his team and I will discover the south with 4 friends!"


 "I just had my 3rd stay in Ethiopia. As the former had been very successful with Haile CHARM TOURS ETHIOPIAN every time I renewed the adventure with him I have always organized a trip" to the top "full good surprises and without quack

As always it is perfectly suited to my requirements and was able to overtake my desires. Thanks to his foresight and organizational 3 500 kms gone very well and I could see all the sights not to be missed by taking the necessary time ...

In conclusion you can choose CHARM TOURS ETHIOPIAN confidence. He will always do its best to satisfy you. And when we leave home you know you have a new Ethiopian friend. "

Capitaine Flamme

"Having traveled to the Middle East especially my five friends and I have wanted to experience Africa starting with Ethiopia (who loved the landscapes of Yemen)

Having read many favorable comments about the CHARM ETHIOPIAN agency TOURS we spoke to Mr Haile Director, trilingual, fluent in French who set us a circuit well suited to our expectations In summary a very warm reception team Competent which involves lot so it's our turn to advise you as we have done with this agency a real discovery not only sites but also the inhabitants "

Quentin Ombreval.

 "Hello, although we are used to travel" backpacker "the presence of a local guide is really essential and especially in Ethiopia is a country so apart! If we miss beautiful meetings and more if you have the chance to travel with a professional like Mr. Haile, competent and pleasant and his agency Addis: CHARM TOURS ETHIOPIAN you all about the history, monuments, nature, and this in a nice atmosphere I recommend them! "


"I recommend indeed see CHARM TOURS ETHIOPIAN to plan your trip with your children.

Haile who perfectly knows his country and expectations of Western will you adapt to measure and will be very good advice

With children must avoid long drive days and take every opportunity to see wildlife national parks and visit the local people. "


"I recommend without hesitation charm ethiopian towers is a small agency based in Addis guide approved the Director is perfectly speaks 3 languages ​​including French, their authenticity and security priorities honesty I went several times with them and I've never been disappointed and knowledge and it was given to me by travelers going to see the site and put them a message and especially nice trip "


"I went to Ethiopia this year and not wanting to leave with a European tour operator because in the end it is the receptive that do all the work I chose a small local agency based in Addis Ababa: ETHIOPIAN CHARM TOURS

The customized program that the Director made me convinced me and there I could appreciate the seriousness of this team, the kindness of all

The Director speaks French very well and quickly understands the expectations of travelers.

The organization security good mood all was waiting for you and a close contact with the population

I am a history teacher I met many small school it was very nice!

I will return to Ethiopia to the south and without hesitation I'll contact the agency!

Charles Benoît

"Long with my wife we wanted to visit Ethiopia this strange and ultimately we went with our daughter , her husband and our little son ! after several contacts and specifications we chose the small agency CHARM TOURS ETHIOPIAN the made program for us , we liked as well as price .

Mr. Haile has fulfilled its mission ! difficult because each had cravings own discoveries horseback riding crocodiles and hippos and other wildlife here for Aurélien and for large tours north ( best sights Lalibela , gondar etc ) and a bit of relaxation, rest in lodges and discovery of langano lake.

Thank you to all the team for their patience , their availability ! and return full of beautiful memories for our family ! for longer!"

Petit curieux

"7 friends a guide speaking very good French and very friendly and very considerate drivers 4x4 and here we left and this time in a paradise of trekker Mountains National Park Bale a haven of peace and gentleness flights from Changiti for Angafu Mololicho hiking and meeting with the wolf of nyala abyssinie baboon and mole rat and also the beautiful flora and finally langano meeting with the Dorze Konso lake chamo

Three weeks that made us forget the stress we experience as surgeons,

d also like everyone in our society is going too fast!

So we suggest you calm charm and kindness Ethiopian and this team with this very serious local agency whose Director Mr. Haile knows everything about his country and its people ."

Olympe Reine

"I totally agree with Donasien I used with my six friends from backpack but then to Ethiopia with a team with us it was really good and more when you have the chance to starting with Mr. Haile CHARM TOURS EHIOPIAN it's great it's available hyper reactive and French ( English is spoken but to talk about everything that is still easier in French ) in January we went with him and his small agency for 14 days they did an outstanding trek Simien Ras Dashen and the Gheralta ! there was everything : the sporting aspect , the appearance and nature of the human aspect is so loved that he was asked to concoct a voyage of discovery to different ethnicities November it will be great it really the chance to travel and it takes advantage of the stability prevailing in Ethiopia to discover everything !"


"My husband amateur photographer and bird enthusiast and myself worshiping nature we decided to go to Ethiopia speaking very little English we looked for a French agency and to the very favorable review of the local agency CHARM TOURS ETHIOPIAN was contacted its Director who gave us a great tour Awash , Bale Zway lake Tana Abana Langano paradise for birds it was filled because we saw incredible birds with superb explanations of Mr. Haile but it was discovered thanks to her nature great and exceptional people.

Mr. Haile was very professional but also very friendly and very respectful of its travelers and people in general, well of course of nature as it really is someone who loves his country

You can trust and go with him

Besides, we 're already planning a new program stay as this trip was a real happiness and a beautiful meeting ."

Gypaete barbu

"Conquered by Ethiopia, I convinced five friends to discover this country! land of a thousand contrasts, with a thousand varieties, mountains and plains of sight! small huts, some elephant-headed, impressive waterfalls in a dry country: Nile falls blue lake where one is close to the crocodiles and hippos, swimming in the great volcanic water Simian treks and horse rides in the Balé abreast of the Ethiopian wolf, the rarest canid in the world, the colors and sounds of markets including the Bati, feel Rimbaud accompanies us, a favorite for all this friendly locals and the approach of some tribes, Hamer, Karo, dances and music, and all these unique silhouettes on the road in white stole! Extraordinary!

Once again the charm operated and this thanks to the agency ETHIOPIAN CHARM TOURS: throughout the room: impeccable organization and a friendly welcome that allowed exceptional meetings and discoveries; thanks to Mr. Haile we felt less "tourists" so I also really recommend."

                      DO DE SABA

"A great guide


I'm not a great traveler but I am passionate about my profession as I have decided to visit the countries that produce honey as j 'Was a bit anxious to leave alone and having read good remarks about Mr. Haile I decided to make him confidence and I asked him to make me discover Tigray me to meet beekeepers in effect in Ethiopia there is honey yellow red and white mostly I 'went there in December because there are usually harvest is twice per year and the taste of white bread steamed Mr. Haile bent over backwards to make me an interesting discovery and I loved the red mountains and spectacular canyons above all these meetings c was moving everything was really well so well that I think has to register his next circuit he is concocting for travel between solos

So I also recommend this guide has a small agency charm ethiopian tours you can go to his website"

Geoffrey l'apiculteur  February 21, 2016 

"Agency ETHIOPIAN CHARM TOURS ! I also recommend the eyes closed and yet I have trouble trusting ; 8 friends we left and as we love animals we visited the park chebera churchura ( elephants and buffalo) Lake chamo ( Hippos and crocodiles ) and nyala balé and of course what caught our attention are the scenery on top as we did the region arba minch and walked north finally everything is beautiful and we really took the time to see all thanks to Mr. Haile and his really effective team then leave again in this part of Africa you will not be disappointed"

Madame Thérèse la petite caille bleue




He long ago J stays intrigued by this particular country! and especially to see these famous special constructions ; every day of my trip to Ethiopia were great monuments people and landscapes in addition I made the trip with a local agency based in Addis Ababa charmethiopiantours (website on the internet and also ) and Mr. Haile director is someone very competent and available ; with this team I have really enjoyed the North because I have walked further Lalibela gondar made ​​a trek in the mountains of bale and admired harrar also what a treat !

Visited March 2016                                                                                                            eugenieaudrey - 2016 july, 13

"THE TRIANGLE AFAR: A land of extremes including the Erta Ale volcano, one of the few active volcanoes to have a lake of molten lava. We see an unforgettable website the bowels of the earth and we Terzieff at his side!

And Dallol of acids basins with magical colors!

It is thanks to Mr. Haile agency ETHIOPIAN CHARM TOURS I found safely this exceptional universe! Go there is UNIQUE! "


"For many years I travel this corner of Ethiopia Arique so authentic and the first time I visited as many travelers these churches carved into the rock is beautiful and it's moving and it is in these moments that you appreciate the quality of the guide and the agency selected me it's been years that I appeal to the same person that has a small very serious local agency. check out his website charm ethiopian towers and especially nice discovery . "


"ETHIOPIA: Mysterious and magical country, we really can not understand simply accompany a local guide including Mekele to visit because it is a place full of history, it meets a palace, a! temple, church, salt caravans and we have the chance to go to meet the people who digs the cliffs!

It's really more to be supported by a local guide because Ethiopia is a land apart really difficult to understand and know in depth and I was fortunate to have as a companion as local guide Mr. Haile and his agency ETHIOPIAN CHARM TOURS, it helped me understand a little better this country so special besides he and his team are very competent and serious. "

D. Clemencon

" It has already come four times in ethiopia and each time I am amazed and my 5 very accomplices friends and we elected the mountains bale a number to the nature and animals and we really realized the importance knowledgeable guide to help us to deepen our knowledge and to enjoy every moment in this beautiful nature ; us, we chose charm ethiopian laps and really it was fine then you too if you like hiking and wildlife you know your next destination »




"... I went with three friends, once in the north and in the south twice and each time we trusted Mr. Haile which also was recommended by acquaintances ( I d Besides reading other opinion, very positive about it, in the backpacker forums! )

It is a guide approved by the Ministry of Tourism who speaks perfect English French and German so this is a true professional and he created his agency in Addis Ababa ; native son he is very familiar with the culture, everyday life and his enthusiasm is contagious.

In addition he is attentive , responsive and serious , so do not hesitate to go on his site (type ETHIOPIAN CHARM TOURS on the search engine ) and ask them for a quote. Frankly you will not be disappointed and side price is very correct ... "

Sophie Tomaso

" I also wanted to see Ethiopia because I love nature and I have enormously appreciated meetings this country and I am in agreement with sophie

I chose charm ethiopian laps after having had several quotes

of other agencies and also because I had read good reviews of them so good faitje went with my parents who lived a long time and we love Djibouti :

the bale Park and awash park Mr. haile is inexhaustible animal nature all was well prepared by him and his team in addition it is very considerate we really have a good time then leave for Ethiopia you will love and contact Mr. haile it will make you a circuit as you wish "

karen blitter 



"Dear Curious

I totally with you : having a companion and someone more "country " is really good and the trip with charm ethiopian extra laps it was passionate about wildlife and nature africa my husband and my four children have trusted myself to Monsieur haile and we made ​​lots of walks in the park in one bale of awash we bathed in hot springs has wondo genet we liked chamo lake and we also met with villagers thanks to Mr. haile and our kids played with their Ethiopian friends really for children and of course for us the ethiopia is a top destination ! "

framboise lemone



" I am a photographer and birder so I chose ethiopia because it is a paradise for birds and I made wonderful discoveries of the park awash , the bale Park Lake Ziway Bishoftu tana ; not speaking English did not want to waste my time in stewardship especially to me wishing to have a knowledgeable guide I called a charm ethiopian towers and everything is very well s place so if you like birds like me take the plane and go in this incredible country "




"Dear Rene,

I went several times in Ethiopia and the country is really fantastic three weeks is a good start and it will be the right time; the country is safe but in some areas must be accompanied as to visit the volcano and other government approvals are needed to visit the parks for example; So use a local agency is the ideal choice for all stewardship released from the aspects you can really enjoy the trip

I went several times in Ethiopia because I do research on languages ​​and each time with the agency ETHIOPIAN CHARM TOURS (recommended by acquaintances (3 couples and a teenager) who had been living with them it is based in Addis Ababa Director Mr. Haile speaks very good French and c is significant to discuss and easily track all the explanations on the sites he is competent, reassuring and available and the team is serious and dynamic

The extent of affordable and safe and in a good atmosphere! check out his site; you can ask for quotes and advice by leaving a message (you will be able to also read the customer testimonials) and you can also attach it on

Hope this helps, I wish you bon voyage "

Arianelapromeneuse April 23, 2016




I am confident in an Ethiopian trip and I had the chance to travel with Mr. Haile he is very serious of a great kindness and competence I keep a very beautiful memory of the festival of Timkat of all its varied and wild landscapes and its inhabitants so endearing then a destination of discovery Ethiopia and a charming agency Ethiopian trips and your stay will be memorable

Odabella May 20, 2018  

My three friends my son Raphael and I even went to Ethiopia with the agency ethiopian tour because I had read only positive remarks we discovered the north the origins of the blue nile the surprising gondar the magnificent lalibella l extraordinary axum and Then we went to wolisso and kossay we made horses Mr. Haile accompanied us he is cultivated and has an intimate knowledge of his country he captivated my teenager he made many meetings he allowed the dialogue with the inhabitants and He has a perfect command of French; He knows every corner of his country that he likes so well he had organized everything well resto time of sightseeing trip etc it's really nice to be taken care of so and have only to enjoy his stay!

Isabelle la conquérante - May 01,2017

Global note(mark): 5 smiles

"I was lucky enough(had the opportunity) and the opportunity to go in October not Ethiopia.

A journey that I wished for several years an always inaccessible dream. I trusted Hailé of the agency Charme Ethiopian Tour for this adventure. We left in 3 filled with desires and returned the spirit full of memories(souvenirs).

Hailé knew how to answer all our desires during this stay. If you wish to live an adventure in dumping and to feel, to live Ethiopia of the inside then do not hesitate. Made your choice, subject to Hailé and it will know how to accompany you in the country of the contrasts. I still remain the head full of the bubbling of the lava, of vast of Gheralta, and papillae were awakened by Buna of small coffees of villages. Here is an adventure which I shall not forget and which Hailé was able to make possible with quality and in a budget far from those of the European tours(ballots).

Thank you again and see you soon I hope"

fute_818143 12/10/2016

Global note(mark): 5 smiles

"For a journey of week in the North of Ethopie with a colleague further to a congress to Addis, we passed by Charm Ethiopian Tour. We were delighted by the journey, and I advise(recommend) to all the travelers to trust Mr Haile, especially as it is more just to pass by an agency local than European. We saw multiple marvels, historic and natural, but very very few tourists (max about ten in one week!). A destination and an agency which I recommend."

mfio  10/05/2016

"Take at least 15 days to discover this country so strange loved gondar Site huge spectacular and unexpected place and also the beautiful and mysterious harrar and were dazzled by the churches of Lalibela if you like history , monuments, landscapes and treks ethiopia is for you there went with charm ethiopian tours and met competence and kindness

come and relax in this Africa 's is so rich in meetings ! "

Audrey - 2016 july, 19

And appearing on the website of the association " FRIENDSHIP FRANCO ETHIOPIAN " under the heading trip.

Other testimonies will be later.